Studio Engineers

Your sound is your signature.

Quality isn’t a spectrum, it’s the pinnacle. And you deserve that.

This is why sound engineers worldwide trust Furman equipment to bring out the maximum potential of all connected components. Furman products eliminate noise and interference to let audio and video gear perform at its optimal level, enabling studios and its artists to fully realize their creative visions.

Dynamics bring performances to life.

A super quiet noise floor is essential to let the soft passages shine. Furman’s Linear Filtration Technology (LiFT™) reduces differential AC noise linearly across a very wide bandwidth to deliver a lower noise floor for your audio system and improved picture on your video display.

Meanwhile, the punch of a bass guitar, the dense piano chord, and the ringing cymbal crash, are all audio transients that can require a power amplifier to provide more current than is available to reproduce the signal. For these moments, Furman’s Power Factor Technology™ allows power amplifiers to get the current they need when they need it most, delivering the sound as intended by the original artist.

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Furman is our go-to for anything that has to do with power. They’re simply the best.”

— Jeff Tate| B&B Communications