Tech Corner

Technical information on Furman Products.

Each of our product pages will include links to the relevant data sheets and documents for the product.

Below is additional information on power and our products you will find useful.

Furman Product Warranty

General warranty information for Furman products

Furman FAQ

Answers to common questions about power and Furman Power Solutions

Safety Certification for Power Management Products

Article by our own Jerry Hoopes detailing the various safety labs and criteria that a power management product will go through to acquire a safety certification.

SMP Tech Note

A deeper dive into our Series Multi-Stage Protection

Legacy Product Documents

Find documentation for your older Furman product still going strong.

I Was Amazed


The first piece I purchased was the Furman Elite-20 PFi linear power source, and I was amazed how much it helped clean up unwanted noise when mastering.”

— Maor Appelbaum| Mastering Engineer