Compact Power - 120V

Furman Compact Power solutions deliver the protection and features your gear demands.

Power Station Series

Power Station

Power Stations provide advanced protection and filtration in a convenient “Surge strip” form factor. This is ideal for floor mounting or attaching to the side of an equipment rack. Coax and telco connections provide signal and data line protection.

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Pro Plugs Series

Pro Plugs

The SS-6B Power Strip delivers standard level surge protection and EMI/RFI filtration to six outlets, while the PLUGLock Locking Outlet Strip provides five circuit-breaker protected outlets with locking mechanisms to secure wall warts and plugs in place.

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Low Profile

The AC-215A offers two outlets providing Linear Filtering Technology, Series Multi-Stage Protection, and Extreme Voltage Shutdown featuring automatic reset functionality in a small form factor.

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Back-up Power

The video switcher and the router were knocked off line briefly, but the Furman F1500 protected the server, exactly as it was designed and intended to do.

– Mark Sackett, Diversified Systems