Extreme Voltage Shutdown

Typical Surge Strip: Applied Overvoltage = 200V

Many surge suppression devices are not equipped to handle these kinds of conditions. Without proper protection, the end result is destroyed equipment, or at best, a destroyed surge suppression system.

Furman’s Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS) constantly monitors incoming voltage, and once any over-voltage condition over 137 volts AC is detected, a relay opens which immediately shuts down the unit and all connected equipment. An indicator light informs the user there is a problem. Once the condition has been corrected, the unit may be reset or auto-reset (depending on model) and will operate normally.

Every Piece of Equipment


Every piece of equipment is plugged into a power conditioner because it protects the bar’s investment in the high-end commercial technology that they purchased”

— Bill Donovan| ICS Advanced Technologies