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When you need power conditioning and protection equipment, look to the best available. Install Furman products. We’re backed by a 40-year legacy of unprecedented performance, quality and reliability.

Professional, high performance installations such as arenas, conferences and houses of worship require professional, high performance products. That means Furman products. They deliver intelligent power management solutions to pro integrators worldwide and are known to enhance every application.

The SmartSequencers™ combine classic Furman power protection and filtration with sequential system power on/off to enable large or complex A/V systems to be safely powered on and off in proper sequence with the simple press of a button or key turn.


Many pro A/V installations need audio power amplifiers to activate last in sequence. The Furman solution is the AC Power Sequencer. This power sequencer provides AC power to outlet groups one at a time. This allows equipment to be powered up and down in an orderly fashion by first providing power to signal processing equipment and then providing power to the amps. When shutting down the A/V system, a sequencer turns the system off in the reverse order, hence the amps will be turned off first and the signal processing equipment will be turned off last.

This is critical because most equipment damage occurs when devices are either powered up or down. Power sequencing allows equipment to power up in sequence and prevent the dreaded “pop.” The pop is a distinctive speaker noise associated with on/off switching of signal processing equipment when the audio power amplifiers are energized. If the signal processing pop is amplified sufficiently, the result can damage speaker components. AC power sequencing is extremely valuable because it prevents this unwanted and often costly circumstance.

Furman Contractor Series Equipment

This series of products also allows sound reinforcement equipment to be remotely powered up or down over a large distance, not just in the immediate vicinity of the operator. Additionally, Maintained or Momentary mode contact switching allows the user great flexibility when controlling the unit from a remote location. A remotely mounted switch or control pad can be used to sequence equipment on or off. In addition, Furman Contractor Series remote functions can be initiated across a room, on-site, or off-site with RS-232 protocol or our cloud-based BlueBOLT technology.

Furman SmartSequencers feature these legendary technologies:

  • Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP™) ensuring zero downtime for mission critical installations by safely eliminating dangerous surges & spikes.
  • Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS™) safeguarding from catastrophic under and over voltage conditions.
  • Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT™) enabling maximum equipment performance by reducing AC noise in a linear fashion across a wide-bandwidth spectrum.

Solid and Reliable


It’s not enough to put in excellent AV systems – you have to protect them, too, and that’s where Furman comes in.”

— Pete Dugas| TSAV