PLM300 Noise Sniffer

The Furman PLM300 power line meter measures AC line noise between 100kHz and 300kHz. This enables you to make accurate line noise comparisons both before and after you deploy a power conditioner. 


The Line EMI Meter measures electromagnetic interference in a single-phase AC power line. It plugs into a wall outlet (mains socket) and requires no battery. It immediately displays total line noise in millivolts peak to peak (range 1999.9 mVp-p, resolution 0.1 mVp-p) in the frequency range 10 KHz – 10 MHz (the frequency limits at which sensitivity is ½ of the maximum sensitivity). A speaker plays the sound of the EMI, amplitude demodulated, in order to identify the EMI source (such as an AM or shortwave radio station vs. a motor vs. an electric arc).


Measures AC line noise between 100kHz and 300kHz